(5 of 5) Day 4 of the Temperature Regulation Study

Today is the short day of the study, but definitely not the easy day. I guess, because we have done all of the temperature regulating tests, they need to get an idea of how amazingly athletic I am. Perhaps they do this test on all the subjects, or perhaps they were awed by the imposing figure that I cut and decided to check to see if I had any superpowers. Either way, I don’t want to disappoint them.

With Matt and Naomi (aka Nurse Ratchett)

Much fewer sensors are attached to my body and after a short warm up on the bicycle, we get right to it. We start out at a resistance of 79 watts on the bicycle, because that is closest to my weight in kilograms. Every minute, they raise the resistance by 20 watts. I have no idea what these numbers refer to in the real world, so I will refer to them as a superpower quotient. I started off at a 79 superpower quotient continued to pedal to a 139 superpower quotient and then I gave up. So, that should give you an idea of my power. Your welcome.

Back to the hotel, a quick shower and I am at Dallas, Fort Worth airport waiting to go home. I had intended to take a yoga class last night, but did not have the energy. The tests are not easy, but they are not that difficult either, so I was surprised when I was feeling a bit depleted. Overall, I am pleased with my performance. I was worried that my deemphasized cardio regimen might hurt me, and I am sure that I would have gone further, longer with more practice. But, I am satisfied.

I would say that the biggest surprise for me was the act of blogging causes a detailed look at the events of the day. I found myself, throughout the day, having an experience and thinking, ‘take note of that, it would be good to add it to the blog.’ In some ways good, because I would be more attentive. In some ways bad, because it pulled me out of the experience. I think that the mindset is useful when you are having a series of moments that you want to bring extra attention to and to be able to recall later, otherwise I would suggest not.

I also found it interesting to talk analytically about my day-to-day life experience with the burns and how they impact me. Of course, for the most part, they have minimal impact now that I am well beyond the burn. I now find that I shy away from being outside during really hot or really cold days and I sweat more than average. My life is pretty average and normal. So much so, that I am surprised when people hear the story of the burns and make a big deal about them. At this point in my life, they are simply scars, nothing more. Others that have more significant scarring or scarring in more obvious places will probably experience more impact on daily living.

In a few hours, I will be home. I hope to be in bed and asleep shortly after that. Tomorrow I teach my regular class and I am working on the 300HR Teacher Training this weekend. Back to the real world where I don’t pedal while watching Netflix and there are cookies out on the counter at 8PM.

I am looking forward to the next round of service; The Veteran’s Day Class on November 11th, 2017 that will send Vets to a Yoga Teacher Training. Learn more at Boundless Service. #HelpingVetsHelpVets

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